Light Bureau wins the Norwegian Lighting Design Award for the design at the DNB Coin Collection in the Open Class Category.

Last night Light Bureau’s team in Norway took home the Norwegian Lighting Design Award 2021 for the lighting concept at DNB Coin Collection, with the following statement by the jury:

The project’s impressive attention to detail shows how much of an impact light has on our perception of the world around us. In this exhibition, something as simple as a coin is depicted as an almost sacred object. The demanding task of creating miniature lighting is solved in a successful way, and the result is lovely and inviting. The way the luminaires are integrated in the showcases, drawers, niches, and ceiling gives the coins full attention. This project testifies to a strong and close collaboration between the interior designer and the lighting designer.

“I’m very happy to get this recognition and want to thank the interior designers at Zinc for the amazing teamwork and DNB for being a bold client who managed to bring out the best in the design team”, says a proud Arve Olsen, who received the award during Lysets Dag at DOGA in Oslo.

DNB Myntsamling_TAM_5216_Zinc rev A_low

Read the full press release here

Facts about DNB Coin Collection

  • Owner: DNB Bank ASA
  • Client: DNB Bank ASA
  • Lighting design: Light Bureau part of AFRY
  • Consulting electrical engineer: Light Bureau part of AFRY
  • Interior Architect: Zinc (Interior Architect / Exhibition Architect)
  • Suppliers: Fagerhult, AKB Lighting (LED Linear), Flexiform/Lyskomponenter, Bright (Lighting design), Traxon, Stockholm Lighting (Pharos)
  • Installation: Flexiform, EDA Elektrodata
  • Photographer: Thomas Mellbye

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