We are proud to announce that alongside Hall McKnight Architects, The Titanic Foundation and the Commissioners of Irish Lights that Light Bureau have been selected to assist  in the restoration and display of the old Mew Island Lighthouse Optic.

The extremely rare hyper-radial Fresnel lens – constructed in Paris – dates back to 1887. At over 7 metres high, and 6 tonnes in weight, possibly the largest ever built, for one of the tallest lighthouses in Ireland. The optic is an extremely important maritime object of national and international importance, built at a time when Belfast was the World-centre for linen, ship-building and rope-making.

The proposal for the Optic is to restore and house in a glazed interpretive structure, resembling a lighthouse lantern room, which will ultimately develop a brand new free public access tourist attraction and landmark in the heart of Belfast’s Titanic Quarter. The objective is to inform and excite the public about the Optic’s local, national and international significance, as well as telling the story of lighthouses, their technological development, their light keepers, and role in the maritime heritage of Belfast and Ulster.

We are excited and privileged to help bring this significant piece of historical lighting equipment back to life and allow the public to appreciate the craft that goes into a hyper-radial Fresnel lens.

More information about the project can be found here

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