Following on from the first ‘Twitterview’ with Joe Vose and Paul Traynor, iGuzzini, Gold sponsor of the Professional Lighting Design Convention (PLDC) 2015, sat down with Arve Olsen, co-founder of Light Bureau’s Scandinavia office, to discuss his PLDC talk, innovation in lighting and Light Bureau’s approach to design.

iGuzzini: Could you introduce your work to our followers?

LB: We help create great buildings and spaces for people to use and for clients to own by approaching lighting creatively, strategically and resourcefully.

iGuzzini: What kind of light do your clients look for?

LB: Lighting Design is a new profession in Scandinavia, but clients are starting to see the unique value we bring to a project. Most often they do not know what light they are after, but are highly aware of the great impact lighting has on a space.

iGuzzini: Could you summarize your speech at PLDC 2015?

LB: The talk is titled “Imitating or Developing a Design Culture”, it is an exploration of culture and designed expression. What excites me about our profession is the ability we have to express ourselves through such an abstract medium as light. This stands in great contrast to the more physical and established ways of communicating through shapes and spoken language.

iGuzzini: How do we create a culture of innovation in lighting?

LB: Innovation is about having a different idea, rather than the same one over and over. It is about looking for opportunities, developing solutions and executing them with enthusiasm. Innovation isn’t about the application of technology, it’s about strong ideas.

iGuzzini: How important is lighting to your designs?

LB: We bring great knowledge of light, shadow, products and technology to the table, but ultimately, a great project is born through collaboration with other professionals with a shared vision.

iGuzzini: How do you contribute to the role lighting plays in the light of the city?

LB: We’re Improving our cities one project at a time…and by using (good quality) solar powered lanterns on our terrace..! But really, we’re actively engaged in promoting and developing lighting design as a profession in the Scandinavian countries through education, engagement in professional organisations and by developing great projects.

iGuzzini: What’s your favorite lighting project in the world?

LB: The largest dynamic lighting project we have in our world, luckily that is not (yet) a media facade, but the sun. We work hard to create the best artificial lighting schemes we can, but what continues to engage and amaze us is sunlight.

iGuzzini: Talking about lighting and architecture, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when I say Rome?

LB: Stonework, with scratches, dents and character, rendered beautifully in the golden colours of the sunset…accompanied by the smell of my next delicious meal..!

iGuzzini: Our Twitterview with Arve ends up! Thanks for your time and see you soon at PLDC 2015 in Rome!

LB: Thank you for the chat iGuzzini, looking forward to seeing everyone at PLDC2015 where we can continue the discussion!

The Twitterview with Arve was conducted on 28/08/2015 and published on Twitter with the hashtag #iGtalk.

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