Light Bureau are happy to announce that we now offer daylight design as part of our specialist service.

We have tailored artificial lighting to architecture for more than 20 years. With this new specialism we are able to help shape architecture in such a way that it performs better, not just for the environment, but for people. The way that we work is fully collaborative and I truly feel that this takes Light as Craft to the next level.

– Arve Olsen, Design Director

Daylight is a healthy and freely-available source of light, essential in the human day/night cycle, but the quality is location-dependent and seasonally affected. Limited access to daylight meant handling projects by electric lighting – deeper floor plates to overcome issues like heat gain and glare. Now that we see our contemporary spaces don’t perform so well for users, we are re-learning daylight skills again and improving the energy-use and whole-life cost of our buildings.

We understand that daylight is an essential component in our services, so in 2019 we started to offer this specialism. We regard what most of the industry talk about in terms of daylight design as simple validation and adherence to codes; we can offer those services, but our approach is based on collaboration with our clients and design team and a focus on healthier life / work environments.

Find out more about our daylight services here

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