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The latest addition to the Light Bureau team is Anna. After completing a BA degree in Illuminating Technology and Light Sources followed by a Masters in Architectural Lighting design, Anna decided that England was the right place for her. She worked as a Lighting Designer in London for a year before joining Light Bureau.


Anna tells us that one of the main reasons that she was keen to join the team at Light Bureau was because she had researched into previous projects which Light Bureau had completed and knew these were the sort of challenges that she was interested in. Anna’s high levels of creativity and her passion to achieve perfection is inevitably going to be very beneficial for the company.

We welcomed Rolands to our team at the beginning of July, he has a wealth of experience in architectural lighting design gained through a BA degree in Architectural Technology and Construction Management in Denmark and his current studies of a Masters in Lighting Design in Stockholm. After completing his Degree in Denmark, Rolands returned to his home country of Latvia where he worked for 2 years and a half as an Architectural Assistant.


Rolands tells us that he joined Light Bureau due to their impressive status in the lighting field, which has been established over many years, so we hope we can live up to these high expectations! Rolands is undoubtedly a positive addition to the Light Bureau team largely due to his strengths in computer work and his attention to detail.

We are delighted to announce the opening of our new office in Oslo. We are equally delighted to announce the return to Light Bureau of Arve Olsen, who will head up our Scandinavian operation.

Arve portrait 1

Arve worked for Light Bureau in London between 2008 and 2012 before returning to his homeland of Norway. Having made the decision to finally realise our long held desire to open an office in Scandinavia, Arve was always our ideal candidate to head up the office and fortunately he could not refuse the challenge. Arve has a wealth of experience in lighting design and is a firm advocate of our belief in Resourceful Creativity, a value that we know will be appreciated by our Scandinavian design partners.

Arve will join us on 2nd June 2014 when the Oslo office opens.