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Light Bureau London is looking to expand our fantastic team by adding a Junior Designer and an Intern. If you are creative, resourceful, and passionate about light then you will feel right at home. We know that at the core of our company is the shared belief of ‘Light as Craft’, to us this means that each project is crafted with love and skill, as by a master artisan. We do not mass produce or cookie-cut our designs. We expect you to believe in this idea as strongly as we do.

Your background should be from architecture or other design professions such as product/industrial design or architectural/theatre lighting. For the junior position, previous experience in an independent lighting design studio would be advantageous but is not a requirement. For the internship, we would like to see a good level of CAD skills or Photoshop expertise, lighting experience is not necessary, you should be available between Feb – May.

Essential Skills

  • Competency in AutoCAD
  • Good knowledge of MS Office Suite
  • Hand Sketching
  • Proficiency in Adobe suite particularly Photoshop and In Design
  • Excellent spoken and written English
  • Knowledge of Lighting calculation software

Desirable Skills

  • Experience of 3D software Rhino, 3D Studio Max or Grasshopper
  • Experience of working with Revit or other BIM software

In exchange we will offer you an exciting, friendly, and supportive work environment with a focus on growth and development. Our studio works on a broad range of lighting projects which will allow you to gain experience in many areas of lighting design to help you become a well-rounded designer.

Applicants must be eligible to work in the UK. Independent applications only, no agencies please.

Please send a CV and portfolio to

Effective October 2017, Light Bureau became a part of ÅF Lighting, the highly acclaimed specialist business area of the ÅF Group.

Established by Paul Traynor in 1999, Light Bureau has gained an enviable reputation in the field of architectural lighting design. Almost two decades on, the practice is mature and still keen to develop, so the opportunity to join a global leader felt like a natural progression. ÅF’s motivation is to increase its international portfolio and in this respect, Light Bureau is ideally-placed with roughly half its work being non-domestic and half its work UK based.

Light Bureau was receptive to joining ÅF Lighting, recognising how their own reputation had grown and how well aligned the cultures and objectives of both companies are. Light Bureau’s credo is Light as Craft, which translates into highly individual and meticulously realised projects based on clear strategies. ÅF Lighting define what they do as New Nordic Lighting, embracing natural simplicity, authenticity and practicality, a mature style which the world recognises as distinctly Scandinavian.


The first blog on Lighting as a Service covered a basic overview of the subject and looked at the supporting factors around the idea’s increasing popularity in recent years. The second part will look at how lighting design might work with in the LaaS Framework. more

This is the first part of a two-part blog examining Lighting as a Service, a relatively new idea in the lighting space but one that is becoming more popular. The first part will look at the context around LaaS, and the second part will explore the role of design.



Braun Calculator

Is it a paradox that designs that appear simple are in fact the most complicated to realise and by association, designs that appear complex are the easiest to produce? Most of us apparently value clarity and legibility, so why do complicated designs even exist? Is it the consumer / specifier pulling complex products or is someone pushing them on to the customer?

Over the last five years the march of LED in the lighting industry has been relentless, the LED ‘Revolution’ has become more of a Coup d’etat, with LED becoming the defecto light source of choice. Even the Squirrel Cage, the last bastion of tungsten, is starting to succumb to the LED invaders. All of this turbulence is really only the start of the upheaval, LED is a semiconductor, and so the future of the lighting industry will be far more effected by the computer industry than the industries past. The lamp, as we know it, a glowing media within a glass envelope that emits a predictable amount of light for a set amount of power with a standard connector, is already obsolete. This freefall towards obsolescence is not just about efficiency metrics, “halogen lamps are too wasteful”, or atheistic metrics “fluorescent lamps are too cold”.  more

So many professions are prone to clichéd phrases, like the Football Managers “we’re building a team for the future” or in business, “Blue sky / outside the box thinking, this is just a heads-up” etc. With all that modern life throws at us it’s easy to become lost in repetition and mistake it for understanding, as it can be easier to trot out a well used phrase than to truly make ourselves understood. In our field of architectural lighting, two common phrases would include: “Architectural lighting is the marriage of art and science” and “Lighting is for people”. Both sentiments are so ubiquitous that it is easy to dismiss them as cliché without really trying to understand the deeper sentiments behind them. Are there lessons that we fail to learn by dismissing these sentiments out of hand? Perhaps by combining these twin concepts “Lighting is a marriage of Art and Science AND is for people”, we can breathe new life into a platitude. more


We are proud to announce that alongside Hall McKnight Architects, The Titanic Foundation and the Commissioners of Irish Lights that Light Bureau have been selected to assist  in the restoration and display of the old Mew Island Lighthouse Optic.

The extremely rare hyper-radial Fresnel lens – constructed in Paris – dates back to 1887. At over 7 metres more


The Yellow Pavilion, our collaboration with Hall McKnight Architects for the London Festival of Architecture, has been shortlisted for Best Landscape Lighting Scheme at the Darc Awards.

Head over to the Darc Awards website to register for the event and vote for your favourite project. If you’d like to know more about the Yellow Pavilion, click here.

Photography by Luke Hayes


The “Norwegian Interior Architects & Furniture Designers association” (NIL) are launching their 2016 Interior & Furniture Yearbook at one of our projects, Lundin Norway. The event is taking place on Tuesday the 14th of June.

The Yearbook will contain plans, photographs and descriptions of up to one hundred individual projects, from from offices, schools, hotels, showrooms, restaurants, shops and housing. As well as including the latest in furniture design.

We are very delighted and proud to have our work accompanying this event.