Light as Craft


LightBureau is an award-winning Lighting Design & Consulting studio.
Established in 1999, we specialise in Strategic Light Consulting, Project Design & Delivery and Product Development.

We work worldwide with architectural design partners and clients who value innovative application of lighting techniques & technology, design integrity and a collaborative working style.  Based in London & wholly independent, our international team draws from a range of disciplines enabling us to provide a diversity of light related solutions.

Our value lies in our ability to produce User-Centric Designs whilst meeting the manifold needs of all stakeholders.  At the core of our design approach is what we call Resourceful Creativity.  This, in conjunction with execution excellence, is how we produce Light as Craft™.

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Strategic Consulting

Drawing on our extensive knowledge of Light, we enable Organisations & Communities to meet strategic objectives.  Services include Urban Master-Planning, Multi-Site Lighting Strategy Formulation and Brand Identity Underpinning.

Project Design & Delivery

Our scope of expertise ranges from strategic Concept Development through to Detailed Design & Project Delivery. Contexts range from Public Realm to Residential.

Product Development

Working with carefully selected manufacturing partners, we design & develop both Bespoke Project Solutions and Innovative New Products.  We combine insightful knowledge of user and client requirements with an independent take on the value of existing & future technologies.


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Cardiff Bay Cardiff, U.K
Cornhill Regeneration Ipswich, U.K
Merano Residences London, U.K
Aldgate Public Realm London, U.K
Tower 42 London, U.K
Diageo London, U.K
Royal Academy of the Arts London, U.K
Prince Sattam Park Saudi Arabia
Makkah Saudi Arabia
KPMG London, U.K
CMS London, U.K
Marconi House London, U.K


Light Bureau Limited
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Havelock Terrace
London SW8 4AS
Phone +44 (0) 20 7498 6111
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Light Bureau is always interested to hear from exceptional designers looking to join our team. We have a diverse international portfolio and we welcome outstanding individuals at all levels. We have frequent internship opportunities. 

If our work appeals to you and you are ready for a fresh challenge in a stimulating and positive environment, please contact our operations manager at the following address:


Professional Lighting Summit 2014


The ILP’s Professional Lighting Summit is taking place in Solihull the 24th and 25th of September. Paul Traynor has been invited to speak on the second day of the conference, his paper is titled ‘Strategies for Public Realm Lighting’.

“If you don’t know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else”
L. J. Peter

The paper will discuss the many factors that are to be considered when developing a strategy and expand on our approach through the use of case-studies. The case studies will range from our work with the Royal Academy in London to the lighting masterplan for Porto Montenegro.

Visit the official ILP Professional Lighting Summit 2014 website for more information.

Our newest addition, Anna


The latest addition to the Light Bureau team is Anna. After completing a BA degree in Illuminating Technology and Light Sources followed by a Masters in Architectural Lighting design, Anna decided that England was the right place for her. She worked as a Lighting Designer in London for a year before joining Light Bureau.


Anna tells us that one of the main reasons that she was keen to join the team at Light Bureau was because she had researched into previous projects which Light Bureau had completed and knew these were the sort of challenges that she was interested in. Anna’s high levels of creativity and her passion to achieve perfection is inevitably going to be very beneficial for the company.